Alepochori: Location


The 8 km long beach of Alepochori has unique beauty, sandy or pebble scenery where you can enjoy your swim. The choices that exist all over the place satisfy every visitor, since they can swim in quiet beaches, exotic, romantic, crowded or isolated, but just below the cafes / bars where they can listen to music, drinking a refreshing drink. Directed towards Mavrolimni, you will find isolated and "raw" beaches  under the shade of pine trees that reach the seashore overlooking the Corinthian islands.

Those who stay on the beach until afternoon will be captivated by the sunset of the Corinthian, as the sun reflects in the deep blue waters in purple color and sits behind the Alkyonides Islands.


There are many restaurants and traditional taverns with various types of cuisine, literally on the waves.

The area is famous for its fresh fish, as it is fished directly from the Corinthian or the Argosaronic Gulf. For lovers of meat or Italian cuisine, there are restaurants with separate dishes and quality, and they are sure to cover every taste of your taste.

Vegetables and fruit at the stores come from local producers and many of them sell their products on benches where you can buy them.

There are also grill shops, crackers, patisseries and traditional ovens with handmade sweets and pastries.

The cost of a meal at Alepochori is quite affordable even for the generally expensive items like fish. The restaurants are hospitable and keep up the level, both in the services provided and in the quality of their materials.

Coffee, bars and nightlife

Both during the day and at night there are plenty of cafes and bars that besides their main area also have sun loungers on the beach, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a delightful bath that can last up to the early hours.

For evening entertainment, there are summer clubs with modern, foreign and Greek sounds. Also the cafes and bars are transformed in the evening in incredible amusement areas beneath the Attic sky moon, offering drinks and lots of parties for every musical taste.

Sea sports

Fishing, diving, surfing or sailing, whatever your favorite sport, you can definitely do at Alepochori and spend many pleasant hours during your visit or stay.

Especially for wind surfing enthusiasts, Alepochori is one of the best destinations in Attica. During both summer and winter months, there are several athletes and hobbyists scattered throughout the beach.

At the port of Alepochori there is also the Nautical Club, where sailing classes are available and sailing courses are often held.